Art journalling

Art Journal quilted textile red roseI just wanted to take the time to say something. Remember, you do not need to be an artist to complete an art journal. Journalling is simply a way to organise your thoughts, document important parts of your life, or simply to let off steam!. It can be challenging as well as fun and can also be quite a therapeutic way to get out negative thoughts or feelings. It is a fabulous escape and can be similar to meditation in it’s calming effects on the brain and promoting general happiness. If you need somewhere to start, you could join a group such as The Documented Life, a group that sets weekly challenges in a safe and friendly environment, free from judgement. You can join at any time and many members have never journalled before. The easiest way to begin journalling is just to grab a book and START.

I have just started following A documented Life in my own journal and I’m loving it.