#amonthof Boys on the Beach and Ben in a Bubble

I have joined in a great idea from JustB on Facebook. More details here. The theme is A month of A-Z and as we are at day 2, today’s letter is B.


Here are my Boys on the Beach..I’m going to do an Art Quilt based on this one day.

I’m also going to add Ben in a Bubble because it looks like so much fun and he loved it!




A failure reborn..

I made another Journal yesterday. This one was made from a part of an art quilt that was a MASSIVE failure.I cut it up and decided to use this section as the cover of the journal. Waste not ,want not……


Looking Out

Amy’s Creative Side: Bloggers Quilt Festival


I have decided to enter my Art Quilt “Looking Out” into the Fall Bloggers Quilt Festival. This is a fabulous festival of Quilts, there is always some amazing work to be drooled over!

Here is “Looking Out”. This piece was based on a photo I took at our local beach. I loved the combination of colours, the old man’s striped jumper and the posture, gazing out into the distance.


It is made from a wide range of different fabrics free motion quilted onto  cotton batting with a plain cotton backing fabric. The various fabrics are layered and stitched to create the textures of the sand and waves. The figure was digitally printed onto white felt to create a pale outline to follow then thread painted by machine and appliqued onto the background. It measures  48.5 cm (19 in) x 63 cm (25in).


The touch table piece

As part of Expressions 2012, The Wool Quilt Exhibition, they are going to have a touch table. This involves having small samples of each quilt shown in the exhibition so that visitors may touch and examine the work. This also saves the actual pieces themselves from being touched. Today I made my touch table piece.It needed to be made in the same way, using the same techniques as the main piece.


I have decided to call it “Daylight” as to me it seems to be almost a daylight version of the other piece. It measures 39 x 48 cm (15.25 x 19 in)


Spring has sprung!

Spring has well and truly arrived in my little part of the world. Glorious warm, sunny days and birds and plants doing what birds and plants do. It’s quite fortunate that on the second day of spring I received a parcel of very Springy fabrics..woohoo!

This is my first random Art Quilt made with my happy Spring fabrics. This was completely made up as I went along..have I said that I’m no good with planning!

It is made from mainly Kaffe Fasset fabrics, with a couple of others thrown in. It measures 53 x 58 cm (21 x 23 in)


Always Swim between the Flags: Art Quilt




“Always swim between the flags ” is based on a photo I took at our local beach. I always love the way the red and yellow of the flags contrasts with the blue of the sea. The black and white ones are new (ish) around here. We used to have plain blue ones for the surfers area…maybe they were hard to see? Who knows, now they are black and white checks. It makes me think there’s a race going one!

It is made from scraps of many, many different fabrics free motion quilted onto bamboo batting. It measures 67 x 53 cm (26.5 x 21 in)

blue flower small

Daily Post Weekly Writing Challenge: From Mundane to Meaningful

I did some weeding today and it may just kill me!.

We have a narrow stretch of land down the side of our house, just a small strip between the house and the side fence. It is covered in gravel as supposedly nothing would grow there..wrong! It is a hot bed of weeds. They love it, weed paradise. My son even had a pet weed in there for a while, but that’s another story!.

Anyway, the weeds do tend to get a bit carried away in there and as I don’t like to use any chemical poisons, I have to get in and pull them by hand. I don’t dislike this job , it’s actually quite therapeutic. Some of the weeds are quite beautiful, particularly when they are flowering. Some may even be actual plants that have seeded in there from the bush down the road.

It is a beautiful day and I was thoroughly enjoying the escape of being outside and watching the neatness appear as I worked. …. until I noticed the bright orange mouldy looking fungus on some of the weeds. It was a quite luminous orange with an intricate pattern of black dots through it. We have had a lot of rain lately and I think this may have  encouraged this extremely beautiful but rather toxic looking growth.

I don’t know if I breathed any in or if it matters that it was on my hands. It may be perfectly harmless, but if you don’t hear from me for a while please tell the doctors that I had orange fungus on my weeds!

For more information on the writing challenge click here.


Textile: Tranquil landscape

I am entering a competition at the end of this month. There is an array of themes to choose from but I thought I would go with landscape as I am lucky enough to be surrounded by beautiful places.

Here is my Tranquil landscape..I may do some others that are not so tranquil..






The piece is made from a huge range of different fabrics raw edge appliqued to create the landscape. Some of the fabrics included are: tulle, satin, quilters cotton, upcycled upholstery fabrics, chiffon….and the list goes on. Whatever was the right colour and texture for the situation was used. I did a rough drawing onto calico then filled it in with the fabric scraps.

I have used a variety of free motion quilting stitched to create different textures and to accentuate the different textures of the various fabrics.

It is bound with a very dark green cotton hand stitched at the back and is quilted onto bamboo batting. It has blue upcycled cotton on the back. It measures 58.5 x 45.5 cm (23 x 17.5 in).