Madeit Designer in the Spotlight

I was lucky enough to be interviewed for the Designer in The Spotlight spot this week. Go here to see the interview if you want to have a read. I always find it is always such a tricky thing answering questions like that about my self and my work, and even trickier putting photos out there!.

Important news Bekahdu is Moving!

I have just finished setting up my brand new website and blog yippee. I will be posting my blog on there from now on. I’m a bit sad however as  I lost all my likes and followers during the move..

luckily your lovely comments have all stayed with me  🙂

I know you are still out there, so if you would like to continue seeing what I’m about then I would be ever so grateful if you could pop over to and follow me over there.

See you there. 🙂

Art journalling

Art Journal quilted textile red roseI just wanted to take the time to say something. Remember, you do not need to be an artist to complete an art journal. Journalling is simply a way to organise your thoughts, document important parts of your life, or simply to let off steam!. It can be challenging as well as fun and can also be quite a therapeutic way to get out negative thoughts or feelings. It is a fabulous escape and can be similar to meditation in it’s calming effects on the brain and promoting general happiness. If you need somewhere to start, you could join a group such as The Documented Life, a group that sets weekly challenges in a safe and friendly environment, free from judgement. You can join at any time and many members have never journalled before. The easiest way to begin journalling is just to grab a book and START.

I have just started following A documented Life in my own journal and I’m loving it.

Art Journals

It’s been school holidays, so I’ve been out having some adventures with my little boys. We’ve been to the big smoke (Sydney) for a couple of weeks, explored our local waterfall and climbed a local mountain.. more of a hill really!!.

As well as all that, I’ve been busy making journals..Click on the photos to see more information.

Art Journal quilted textile red rose

Art Journal quilted textile vintage bouquet

Art Journal quilted textile green apple

Sunflower Textile journal

I made a slightly different journal this week. A bit more fun and a bit more bright!. I added a free motion sunflower that I made a year or so ago .. once I made it I didn’t know what to do with it so it has just sat there shining at me …..I also did some hand stitching and added some buttons to the journal to spark it up even more.

I left a few of raw edges on this one so that the gentle fraying becomes part of the design.

Sunflower textile art journal


Sunflower textile art journal





Sunflower textile art journal


Sunflower textile art journal


Sunflower made by free motion stitching onto water solvable fabric. Once the stitching is complete, simply soak in water and the base fabric magically disappears leaving a lace like flower. I used three different yellows and orange to make up the flower.. and LOTS of stitching.

Sunflower textile art journal

This journal also has a ribbon bookmark with a fabric tassel.

It is available for sale here as a kit if you are interested. My Art Journal Kits include the journal and a packet of coordinating fabric scraps, ribbon and papers, to start you on your journaling journey.

Secret art quilts

I have recently finished my largest thread painted art quilt!.. very exciting for me but kind of frustrating as I’m not allowed to show anyone yet!. It is for entry into a specific event and part of the deal is that no one is allowed to see it before the event. So, until I know whether I am accepted or not I will have to leave it at a little sneak peek shot.

Textile art quilt

I have also been busy making more journals.. I really do have a journal obsession now!

tArt journal, quilted textile A5

Love this fabric! I actually made this from leftovers from a queen bed quilt I am making for myself.. it may be finished in around 10 years or so!.

tArt  journal, quilted textile A5

Blue and green should never be seen?

Art Journal: Upcycled Showcase

I am taking part in a showcase on Facebook that has the theme “Upcycled”. I do love a bit of upcycling so was very excited to join in. My first piece was made from these: A gorgeous tablecloth, a broken bracelet and fabric swatches from a furnishing fabrics sample book (you know how I love those!)


Of course I turned it all into an Art Journal. I pieced the fabrics then free motion quilted over the top using a variety of threads including a lovely variegated sulky. I then added buttons from the bracelet. This is the result.













I love the bright colours in this journal, even though they are colours that I haven’t ever really used, or been attracted to before.

My second item for the showcase is a bag made from a couple of shirts, a dress a vintage tablecloth and a pair of jeans.


I haven’t made a bag for a while so it was fun to do one again. I have since made a couple more!. It is lined with cotton batting and has been free motion quilted and appliqued onto the batting to give it some form.









Both of these items are available at the Upcycled Showcase from Wednesday 5th of June.