Reminiscence Textile Art by Rebekah Dundon Seascape Noosa Australia

“Reminiscence” Quilt Art, beach art from Australia, Textile Art


Quilt Art Textile art Created in Australia by Rebekah Dundon "Reminiscence"


My latest finish is “Reminiscence”. This Quilt Art is based on a section of a photo I took recently down at the Yaroomba rock pools on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. I wasn’t taking a photo of this woman, she was just there in the corner and after a fabulous day exploring the rock pools and discovering sea creatures, we went home and I looked at my photos and discovered her, just sitting there.

She is holding a body board and staring out to sea, probably watching her Grandchildren play. She makes me wonder what she is thinking, is she dreaming of the days when she could go out on a board and fly through the waves?. Is she pondering actually going ahead and doing it regardless?… or has she already been out there on that very board?

I don’t know the answer, but I thought she deserved to be in an Art Quilt. She exudes a sort of peacefulness to me regardless of whether she is regretting her inability to go bodyboarding or not. I think she is happy whatever the situation. She is enjoying the glorious warm sun and the beautiful environment with the children playing around her.

Quilt Art Textile art Created in Australia by Rebekah Dundon "Reminiscence"


“Reminiscence” is 44 x 35 cm  and will be framed in a white frame I think. I like white frames….

Sticks and Textile Art

Before I had kids, I think a stick was just a stick.

Then three little boys came around and I discovered the never ending variety of implements a stick can become!. We have a stick collection at the front of our home. Every time we go anywhere, sticks are brought home and added to the pile. Each of these sticks is special, they had been a spear, or a sward, or a magic wand …(mostly because they just happened to be there at the time). A year or so ago I started looking at these sticks in a new light, I had collected a large bucketful of driftwood after ferocious storms had ripped along our coastline. I started with small Textile Art pieces like this. I made quite a few of these, this is my favourite because of the beautiful piece of driftwood across the top, the curve and the smoothness of the surface are stunning.


Textile art quilt with driftwood frame by Rebekah Dundon, bekahdu

I have recently finished a larger Textile Art commission for a woman whose husband’s new office overlooks the beach. I created this piece and used a piece of driftwood from the same beach. It was given to her husband as a present for his new office.

Threadpainted Textile Art Quilt with driftwood by Rebekah DundonToday I finished a very different Textile Art piece, but still using my old friend stick. This one is not driftwood, for obvious reasons.. It’s actually from my son’s stash shhhh! I just loved it’s curve and knew it would be perfect!.

Thread Painted Textile Art Quilt "Desert Sunrise" by Rebekah Dundon, BekahduI think My sons are onto something though. Each stick is special, they are all unique and all are beautiful in their own way.