One Red Thread Textile arts Berry Patchwork competition

The “One Red Thread” competition is here again!. Each year, Berry Patchwork runs this textile arts competition under a different theme. This years theme is “Moulin Rouge”. I really struggled with this theme as it really didn’t seem to fit with my usual style of working. I ended up creating three completely different piece, two of which were rapidly cut up and turned into other things as I hated them. The Third was entered into the competition. Here she is, this is “Madeleine”. I decided in the end to go with my first original idea.. that I had scrapped in favour of the other two quilts I tried (and failed!).

Textile art quilt, moulin rouge, Berry patchworkAs you can see, she is indeed very different to what I would normally do. She is actually my first ‘face’. My brother joked with me recently that I never do faces, my figures are always turned away or shaded, so here it is, A FACE!. She is created using satin and calico quilted onto a base of black crushed velvet. I have beaded her headdress and neckpiece, and they really shimmer.. hard to see in the photo. She definitely taught me a lot about faces, and I am not quite so scared of them anymore.

Textile art quilt, moulin rouge, Berry patchwork

I used four different ‘skin’ colours to shade her face – a whole new colour range for me. I have to say it was nice to get away from the blues and sand colours that are my norm, and you may even see some faces on beaches coming up. Now we just have to see how she goes in the competition.