Bloggers Quilt Festival “Cam’s Castle”

I have decided to enter the Amy’s Creative Side Blogger’s Quilt festival with my Art Quilt “Cam’s Castle”.

“Cam’s Castle” started life like this.. layers of fabric pinned to cotton batting


Cam's Castle textile art quilt preparation


It turned into this after a few hours of stitching

Textile Art Quilt "Cam's Castle By Rebekah Dundon“Cam’s Castle” 2014 45 x 32 cm

Textile art quilt "Cam's Castle by Rebekah Dundon

Cam is my son, he is 7 years old and one of his absolute favourite things to do is build in the sand. He has built some really quite elaborate castles and some really very plain ones. The main thing is, that every castle he has built has been special, and important, and if we have a camera handy, we must take a photo of it as it won’t survive the sea. I think he actually quite likes the transience of sandcastles, he knows that they are only around for such a short period of time but that is what makes each one so special. This is a tribute to just one castle.. out of the many.

There are always some amazing pieces in the Blogger’s Quilt Festival so make sure you have a look and cast a vote or two, it’s definitely worth it!.