Stiched textile bowls

I made another little bowl last week. This time I stitched some shiny seed beads to the top to add some sparkle. I also made in in a more organised way, instead of random stitching I created small organic circles in three colours, Again, it creates an amazing shadow!

These bowls are only small as I only have a small frame to stitch onto.., just little trinket bowls. I think I may need to invest in a bigger one so that I can do some Bigger bowls!


A stitched Blue Bowl

Leading on from my last quilt..in which I pulled out all sorts of very old things to use, I decided yesterday to finally …and I mean FINALLY, use the water soluble fabric that I bought close to 20 years ago!!. Yes that is how long it takes me to get around to doing things!. I bought it when I was textiles College as it was the latest and greatest thing. I then proceeded to be a bit scared of using it. Probably because at the time it was quite expensive and as a poor student I really couldn’t afford to buy it but HAD to. I then lost it for quite a number of years.

Well after all that, yesterday I pulled it out of the plastic bag it was bought in, wondering if it would actually still work, or whether it would just disintegrate when I started stitching it. Well the miracle was that it didn’t. I didn’t get too carried away for my first attempt, just free motion stitched a graded circle using a few thread colours. I did cut some short lengths of silver thread and scattered them around so that they got stitched in as well. When it was finished,  I rinsed it and it still did it’s job perfectly!. I moulded it over the bottom of a vintage sugar bowl…may as well keep the age thing going!

Terrible photo as I had to take it inside last night!

It came out like this..I sprayed some starch on it to stiffen it a bit more. I probably need to get some spray varnish or something similar I think.

It’s not very big ….. kind of small and sweet..great to keep your rings or similar in. I love the shadows it casts so it would have to be placed in just the right spot to catch the sunlight. I will definitely be making more , and have loads of other ideas as well…..thank you 20 year old disolvable fabric 🙂