Handmade Gelli Plate Printing

I have wanted a Gelli plate since the day I first heard about them. Gelli plate printing just looks like so much fun! I’ve read various blogs about making your own, so today I finally tried it. I used the recipe by The Frugal Crafter as I wanted one that didn’t have to be kept in the fridge.

The ingredients. Of course I bought too much of everything as I am hopeless at estimating amounts!

Handmade Gelli plate












I gained a litle helper pretty quickly, as you tend to get in this house. He helped mix everything together.. “What does it smell like Cam?”… I think you can guess!!. It does have quite a strong alcohol smell.

Handmade Gelli plate











I had heard that it  is better to line the tray with plastic wrap as it makes it easier to get out. I popped it in the fridge for a couple of hours and then got impatient so took it out to start playing!. It did get fairly damaged towards the end so I think I should have left it longer.

Handmade Gelli plate









All finished and ready to play.

Handmade Gelli plate








I started with just some basic colours and shapes, just to get the hang of it.. it all soon got a bit carried away.

Handmade Gelli plate










We soon picked up another helper and it was ON!












I only had acrylic paints, so that’s what we used, over and over again.












We did get some quite pretty patterns in the end.












Handmade Gelli plate






















We did encounter a few problems along the way. I discovered pretty quickly that the edges of the plate stick very badly to the paper unless you pad paints all the way up to and down the sides of the block. I’m not sure if this was just because I pulled it out of the fridge early or if it would do this anyway. We did actually completely destroy the plate by the end of the afternoon. The boys weren’t particularly gentle with it so it was full of holes. The great thing about this recipe is that when this happens you can simply melt it down and re set it. It is currently sitting back in the fridge. This time it will be over night, so we’ll see if that makes a difference to it’s durability. To melt it down, I just broke it up into a saucepan and put on the cooktop on low. It only took about 5 mins. You can also do it for a minute or so in the microwave.

I’m going to try with some fabric paints onto fabric.. new fabrics for my journals I’m thinking 🙂






#amonthof Boys on the Beach and Ben in a Bubble

I have joined in a great idea from JustB on Facebook. More details here. The theme is A month of A-Z and as we are at day 2, today’s letter is B.


Here are my Boys on the Beach..I’m going to do an Art Quilt based on this one day.

I’m also going to add Ben in a Bubble because it looks like so much fun and he loved it!



Lime Spot Cot Quilt

Modern Cot Quilt

I made a modern cot quilt this week as well. I fell in love with the colours of this fabric range a while ago so just had to buy it. I have finally done something with it. I have another similar one ready to quilt.




Made from 100% cotton fabrics and batting, It measures 82 x 104 cm (32 x 41 in). It is free motion quilted in a simple stippling design. I love the texture of this as well..hard to capture in a photo!.


A new dress for an old doll

This lovely little china doll was one of my special friends when I was a child. I saved her to pass down to my own daughter, but that isn’t going to happen (mum of 3 boys and NO more babies!). I have decided to pass her on to my gorgeous little niece who is about to have a birthday.

Thirty five years or so of playing and storage have wreaked havoc with her dress however so I decided to make her a new one..and a new bonnet. In the true spirit of vintage , I made it from a pretty vintage embroidered cotton hand towel. I had to hand stitch a fair bit of it so unfortunately it is not removable ..that just got a bit too fiddly to do.



I even made a little nappy to go under. Her body and socks are still age stained but I think that adds to the character.


I hope my niece will love her as much as I did.I have to say it is a little sad now to say goodbye to her, she looks so pretty in her new dress.


Sculpture and yarn bombing

What a fabulous day today. We had a bit of a family reunion..various members who haven’t been seen for many years combined with regulars to have a beautiful picnic at a beautiful place. If you are ever visiting the Sunshine Coast this is a definite must go. The Maroochy Bushland Botanical Gardens is a wonderland for kids and adults alike. It initially is a Botanical Garden, with supurb plants and surrounds, but it is so much more than that…and we just scratched the surface.

One of the main attractions is the sculpture garden. An amazing array of sculptures from world recognised sculptors. There is also a Children’s Discovery Walk, an adventure through the bush complete with weird and wonderful artworks for children to hunt out..including loud things to bang!

The small boy loves snakes!

The Circle with boys and without….

This is just a small selection of what is on offer..my battery ran out so I couldn’t take any photos of the children’s section! We were also lucky enough to discover some yarn bombing..

Fabulous Food, fabulous Family and fabulous Art. What more could you want in a day?

Oranges and Lemons

Oranges and Lemons: Fun with spraying and stamping

A few days ago, my two youngest sons were both out having fun with friends, leaving me and my big boy at home alone. We decided to have some fun with spraying and stamping!. I collected a bunch of white and off white fabrics from my stash and we decorated them using acrylic paint and water.

We trialled a wide variety of techniques..all from bits and bobs we found around the home. Some were more successful than others but we had a lot of fun, although we now have large orange rectangles sprayed on the lawn!!

Here are some of the pieces we made:

The point of all this was to make some unique pieces of fabric that could be incorporated into a quilt. I cut these up ( much to my sons disgust!..how could I do that to his masterpieces!)  mixed in some commercial and vintage fabric and randomly stitched them all together.

This piece was then hand and machine stitched, embroidered and couched. I added a bright green border and it was dome.

You’d never know that a bunch of those fabrics were painted by a 10 year old!


Kites in Paradise: ideas for Art

Today was a day for inspiration. A TV show was being filmed at our local beach and they wanted a bunch of local kids down there flying kites..who were we to say no!. Especially when it’s a kids show, and one of the shows my kids watch!.

The sky was ablaze with colour, and the air was ablaze with sound!. Fifty or so screaming children, running around with kites on a picture perfect afternoon. I of course took a million photos.

Photos for me are all about capturing the memory of the moment, in order to someday transfer some of it into some form of artwork…it’s not actually about the photo. Having said that, I really wanted to share some that I took today. I can see quilt inspiration everywhere.

My boys. I like the simplicity of this..and the one boy running away..he does that!

Escaping out the side

It’s all about the colours!

Colours again

The joy of it!

This one I love, the way the sun shines through the kite, the lamp post, the moon and the dragon!..the moon wasn’t out though!

This one is all about the pattern caused by the sun, fabulous!

So that was our afternoon in the sun. Now we just have to wait till September to see if the boys made it onto the show!


Introducing my new website!

My big news for the day is the opening of my brand new website!.. I have collaborated with a couple of friends to offer a range of hand crafted goodies. We are offering loads of great items and tonight only have some special items up for grabs for only their postage price. This is for regular post withing AUSTRALIA. If you are outside Australia and want to purchase, let me know and I can get a postage quote. Click the image above to have a peek…..


A name Quilt for a little Girl

Something different from me today. My son has a very special little friend who is turning 5 in a couple of weeks. I wanted to make her something for her birthday, and this is what I came up with. It is a name Quilt, to hang on her wall.

I hope she likes it!