Holidays and cushions

I’ve been on holidays..yippeee

We did a bit of thisDSCN1330

A bit of this


A bit of this


Saw some of well as some other lovely creatures..turtles, stingrays…


Climbed lots of these


And looked out at lots of this


Then we came home and I made these




A new dress for an old doll

This lovely little china doll was one of my special friends when I was a child. I saved her to pass down to my own daughter, but that isn’t going to happen (mum of 3 boys and NO more babies!). I have decided to pass her on to my gorgeous little niece who is about to have a birthday.

Thirty five years or so of playing and storage have wreaked havoc with her dress however so I decided to make her a new one..and a new bonnet. In the true spirit of vintage , I made it from a pretty vintage embroidered cotton hand towel. I had to hand stitch a fair bit of it so unfortunately it is not removable ..that just got a bit too fiddly to do.



I even made a little nappy to go under. Her body and socks are still age stained but I think that adds to the character.


I hope my niece will love her as much as I did.I have to say it is a little sad now to say goodbye to her, she looks so pretty in her new dress.


Sunrise and Sunset

I finished this piece this morning..finally. It has been sitting in bits for a little while. It was actually two parts but I have decided to join them together to form one. It reminds me of sunsets and sunrises and picnics on a sunny day.





Again it is made using upcycled fabrics and includes a gorgeous embroidered vintage doily and a trim of vintage crochet. Finished size is 66 x 39 cm (26 x 15.5 in)


Upcycled Textile Art Number Two

This is the second piece made from an upcycled upholstery sample book. I have been wanting to try quilting in concentric circles so I thought this one would be a good one to experiment on. I think they turned out pretty well, a couple of wobbly ones but luckily they get hidden in the mix!

I really love the colours in this one, it’s just so summery!. I added a large vintage doily and some buttons to add an extra bit of interest. It is quilted onto bamboo batting and has a calico back. Finished measurements are 41 x 52 cm (16 x 20.5 in).

Number three is underway!


Introducing my new website!

My big news for the day is the opening of my brand new website!.. I have collaborated with a couple of friends to offer a range of hand crafted goodies. We are offering loads of great items and tonight only have some special items up for grabs for only their postage price. This is for regular post withing AUSTRALIA. If you are outside Australia and want to purchase, let me know and I can get a postage quote. Click the image above to have a peek…..


A cool blog and new photos

I discovered this great blog on Facebook the other day, so decided I’d share. It is written by a 9 year old boy and it’s all about school lunches!. Here in Australia we don’t have school made lunches and I can understand the attraction in some ways. It would definitely make life easier not to have to make three lunches every morning. I don’t think I’d like not to know what they are eating though, especially when you see some of the stuff they are served up! Do your kids eat school made lunches? they seem to be popular in many countries.

As the sun peeked it’s face out briefly today, I have also managed to take some better pics of my little texture quilt so thought I’d share that too.

cream prep 7

Playing with texture

One of the things I love most about quilts is the texture, so today I wanted to do something that was all about texture. The Art quilts I’ve done so far have been full of colour generally so I thought I’d start with a really bland base and go from there, so that the colour doesn’t detract from the texture.

I decided to go with a range of creams and whites, so I stitched a basic patchwork square. My original plan was something very organic, but when I looked at all that cream and white all I saw was doilies!. I decided to make a doily quilt without the doilies..although it did end up with a couple!

Using my trusty water soluble pen I traced some doily patterns on and began to stitch them. Part of my reason for doing this was to increase my FMQ skills…I’m getting way better at this these days…finally!

First one done..sorry about the lousy photo. It didn’t look that bad until I put it on here!

Finished. The texture looks better on an angle!.

The Back..shows the stitching better.

So there it is, my exploration of texture and some more advanced FMQ. …I’d really only done squiggles before so I really wanted to try some different things. Thank you Leah Day for the inspiration and the motivation!. I really do have to take some better photos of this, but it is a dark, wet day out there so it will have to wait.


Vintage goodies

Vintage doily quiltI have a vast collection of vintage doilies and linen, so instead of them sitting in a box, I decided to show some of them the light of day. My first attempt was this quilt. I machine pieced the fabrics and doilies to a backing fabric then hand quilted and embroidered the entire surface. ..Yes, it did take a while!  I also added a little applique bird, as I have a bird fetish and it would’nt be right not to have one on there!

I wanted to showcase the craftsmanship of the original handcrafted pieces, a kind of homage to the original creators, who had painstakingly stitched, crocheted and tatted. More pictures can be seen here.