Cushions of colour

My part of the world has been awash with rain. The sky has been grey and heavy for weeks. So to brighten it all up, I have been making rainbows. These have an added bonus of freeing me from part of my all encompassing mound of scraps




My new Finished Journal

Well, it’s finished!. This is the journal made from all the bits of fabric that I have been playing with, as well as some of my aged shibori. This one has been hand and free motion machine quilted onto cotton batting with a vintage fabric lining. The flaps to hold the book in are navy cotton as is the binding. I also added some strips of 100% wool variegated slub yarn.





I decided that It needed the cord and button tie to suit the aged look of the fabric. Unfortunately the buttons aren’t real bone, but we can’t have everything!

A fabulous discovery and Stitching texture

I had a thought the other day, so went to seek out my grandmothers old suitcase, buried deep in the back of the garage. In it, as I had thought, I discovered most of the samples I had made during my time studying textiles in 1989-90. These included lots of hand weaving and a mound of hand sewn and dyed Shibori samples. Some of these are now beautifully aged having spent 20 years in an old 50’s suitcase! I had dragged that suitcase around with me from house to house and literally forgot what was inside..until my brilliant thought….


This shows the mound but not the gorgeousness of this find! So much fabulous fabric to work with..

I recently borrowed a book called ” Stitch, Cloth, Paper and Paint” by Angie Hughes from my local library. I am a huge book borrower, especially art and textiles books….always a bookworm at heart. I still can’t help but get upset when my sun uses Google for homework and doesn’t look it up at the library lol.. Anyway, this book has some great techniques in it, so I decided to use some of my new sun printed fabric to try one.

It’s very simple really and I’m sure plenty of you out there already do it, but I have always been nervous about doing too much with the tension dial on my machine. This technique involves turning the tension really high then stitching circles or spirals.. The high tension distorts the fabric beautifully without misforming the stitches, so it adds a lovely texture to the spirals.

Here is my pebble printed fabric before..


And after stitching.. normal tension in the bottom corner so it’s flat.. then the highest towards the top.


I have stitched it with some of my new rusted fabric and some of my gorgeous old shibori.. Not finished yet, but you get the idea.


Holidays and cushions

I’ve been on holidays..yippeee

We did a bit of thisDSCN1330

A bit of this


A bit of this


Saw some of well as some other lovely creatures..turtles, stingrays…


Climbed lots of these


And looked out at lots of this


Then we came home and I made these




A failure reborn..

I made another Journal yesterday. This one was made from a part of an art quilt that was a MASSIVE failure.I cut it up and decided to use this section as the cover of the journal. Waste not ,want not……



Amy’s Creative Side: 2012 Fall Bloggers Quilt Festival pt 2

I am so excited to have been voted into the final  5 in the Art Quilt Category! Thanks so much to all who voted 🙂 Now comes the final voting. There are some amazing quilts in all the categories, so definitely worth a look.


Playing with fabric and embroidery






A bit of a collage using a variety of fabrics, embroidery, buttons, lace and ribbon. It is all hand and machine stitched onto a white wool felt base. A little bit of fun for a sunny weekend.


Cityscape Textile

I am using upcycled upholstery sample books to experiment with new techniques at the moment. This is building up to creating a major work for a competition in a couple of months. The fabric that I have purchased for it is quite expensive and I am really scared to cut into it just yet!!. As the sample books are very cheap, I am using them as my experiment fabrics. Cheap = not scared.

For this next piece, I wanted to try weaving with fabric strips. The pieces I used are actually the edge bits, cut off the main pieces as they had tape around the edge of them so had become a slightly different colour to the body of each sample piece. I almost threw them out, then in the spirit of re-using, decided to weave them instead. This fabric is an upholstery weight satin so it has a beautiful lustrous sheen.. a bit hard to tell in these photos.





I really like how quick and easy this process is, not having to sew together all those little squares is great.


Upcycled Rainbow Textile

I’ve been quiet again lately, I’ve been a bit sick so I think I’ve just been hibernating for a while. I have been busy making some more bits and bobs however.

Today’s effort was to finally use one of the gorgeous upholstery sample books rescued from the local Op shop. I have a fair few of these and am in love with most of the fabrics they hold. Today I decided to finally cut into one. This is the end result.

I just love the rainbow colours!.This is what I love about these sample books, you only get a little of each fabric but you get all all the colours together!. These remind me of layers of landscape, stretching off into the horizon.

This is a gorgeous linen rayon blend canvas that is really soft and has a wonderful sheen. It would have been divine on a couch.

I have a couple of others ready to go, just not quite finished yet so will share them when I’m done. (Now that I’m out of hibernation!)

Oranges and Lemons

Oranges and Lemons: Fun with spraying and stamping

A few days ago, my two youngest sons were both out having fun with friends, leaving me and my big boy at home alone. We decided to have some fun with spraying and stamping!. I collected a bunch of white and off white fabrics from my stash and we decorated them using acrylic paint and water.

We trialled a wide variety of techniques..all from bits and bobs we found around the home. Some were more successful than others but we had a lot of fun, although we now have large orange rectangles sprayed on the lawn!!

Here are some of the pieces we made:

The point of all this was to make some unique pieces of fabric that could be incorporated into a quilt. I cut these up ( much to my sons disgust! could I do that to his masterpieces!)  mixed in some commercial and vintage fabric and randomly stitched them all together.

This piece was then hand and machine stitched, embroidered and couched. I added a bright green border and it was dome.

You’d never know that a bunch of those fabrics were painted by a 10 year old!