Handmade Gelli Plate Printing

I have wanted a Gelli plate since the day I first heard about them. Gelli plate printing just looks like so much fun! I’ve read various blogs about making your own, so today I finally tried it. I used the recipe by The Frugal Crafter as I wanted one that didn’t have to be kept in the fridge.

The ingredients. Of course I bought too much of everything as I am hopeless at estimating amounts!

Handmade Gelli plate












I gained a litle helper pretty quickly, as you tend to get in this house. He helped mix everything together.. “What does it smell like Cam?”… I think you can guess!!. It does have quite a strong alcohol smell.

Handmade Gelli plate











I had heard that it  is better to line the tray with plastic wrap as it makes it easier to get out. I popped it in the fridge for a couple of hours and then got impatient so took it out to start playing!. It did get fairly damaged towards the end so I think I should have left it longer.

Handmade Gelli plate









All finished and ready to play.

Handmade Gelli plate








I started with just some basic colours and shapes, just to get the hang of it.. it all soon got a bit carried away.

Handmade Gelli plate










We soon picked up another helper and it was ON!












I only had acrylic paints, so that’s what we used, over and over again.












We did get some quite pretty patterns in the end.












Handmade Gelli plate






















We did encounter a few problems along the way. I discovered pretty quickly that the edges of the plate stick very badly to the paper unless you pad paints all the way up to and down the sides of the block. I’m not sure if this was just because I pulled it out of the fridge early or if it would do this anyway. We did actually completely destroy the plate by the end of the afternoon. The boys weren’t particularly gentle with it so it was full of holes. The great thing about this recipe is that when this happens you can simply melt it down and re set it. It is currently sitting back in the fridge. This time it will be over night, so we’ll see if that makes a difference to it’s durability. To melt it down, I just broke it up into a saucepan and put on the cooktop on low. It only took about 5 mins. You can also do it for a minute or so in the microwave.

I’m going to try with some fabric paints onto fabric.. new fabrics for my journals I’m thinking 🙂






Textile: Lillium One

This is a little Lillium. She’s only small but rather sweet.

She is made from painted cotton stitched with a variety of machine embroidery threads then layered on upcycled fabrics. Her edges have been zig-zagged with a variegated thread and left quite rough.She measures 24 x 29 cm (9.5 x 11.25 in)


Textile: Gum leaf with spots

This week I decided to go back to painting on felt. I painted a copy of a drawing I did many years ago, based on a photo I took of a diseased gum leaf. The colours were so beautiful I couldn’t resist. The sad thing was that the leaf was probably going to die from the disease.

I painted the leaf onto wool felt then machine stitched the details then did a series of french knots by hand for the fungus.  It is quilted onto bamboo batting with a quilters cotton border and vintage fabric back

I decided to give it a really simple border as there is a fair bit of detail in the leaf. It is hard to see from the pictures but I have quilted the border in leaf shapes reminiscent of the large leaf.


Or maybe it goes this way?

Oranges and Lemons

Oranges and Lemons: Fun with spraying and stamping

A few days ago, my two youngest sons were both out having fun with friends, leaving me and my big boy at home alone. We decided to have some fun with spraying and stamping!. I collected a bunch of white and off white fabrics from my stash and we decorated them using acrylic paint and water.

We trialled a wide variety of techniques..all from bits and bobs we found around the home. Some were more successful than others but we had a lot of fun, although we now have large orange rectangles sprayed on the lawn!!

Here are some of the pieces we made:

The point of all this was to make some unique pieces of fabric that could be incorporated into a quilt. I cut these up ( much to my sons disgust!..how could I do that to his masterpieces!)  mixed in some commercial and vintage fabric and randomly stitched them all together.

This piece was then hand and machine stitched, embroidered and couched. I added a bright green border and it was dome.

You’d never know that a bunch of those fabrics were painted by a 10 year old!


Destruction and Resurrection continued

Well, 24 hours later and “Destruction and Resurrection” has evolved again. I decided it needed a bit more resurrection and a bit less destruction. I started this process with a bit more destruction…cutting parts of it up again!. I then added a sheer patterned chiffon fabric over most of it to create a very subtle pattern and to subdue the colours slightly. Then I grabbed the ever trusty embroidery threads and started stitching. I liked the idea of the vegetation breaking free from the painted areas, venturing out into the desolation, I also wanted to add more colour so I stitched bright flowers and added some patches of seed beads.

The grid represents the way we  (humans) tend to like order, to organise nature and ourselves into little boxes. The two areas  of nature are ungridded, left free.

It may evolve some more over time..definitely no more cutting up! But for now it is (almost) out of my system (I hope)…I still have one more piece from the original cutting that hasn’t been used yet..eeeek!


It’s Tuesday Again

It’s Tuesday again and again I feel that the week has disappeared without anything much being achieved!. The truth is the opposite however. This week has been one of the most productive weeks ever for me business wise…even if I have nothing to show for it… YET. This week has been about preparation and organisation for the future of me and has taken hours and hours of planning ,thinking and staring at computer screens! All will be revealed in the not too distant future. I feel that I am at a cross roads with what I am doing here and with life in general..things are moving and evolving. I am feeling so distracted by it all that not much else is getting done in life…for example washing and housework!!

I therefore haven’t done Tuesday Treasury AGAIN. It just involves too much extra staring at computer screens sometimes!

I did also start a new Art quilt this week but I’m only going to show a sneak peek as it is not finished and at the moment it is in it’s first “ugly” phase. I find that everything goes through at least 2 “ugly” phases. Once you work through it it’s fine..the important thing is not to give up at that point…sometimes easier said than done!

So here it is (well a small part anyway). I don’t know when it will be finished, but I will show you when it is.

In some ways it’s a bit of a representation of my life at the moment..I have to push through this not necessarily ugly phase but possibly difficult and uninteresting  phase to get through to what is at the other side…this is not the time to give up.

I also wanted to share a painting recently done by my 10 year old son at school. I think it’s beautiful..but I may be biased 🙂

I love that he loves art. He named it “Deep Sea Blues” which I also love.


Tuesday Treasury and a little Hibiscus Quilt

This is what I have been working on for the last couple of days. A change from frangipanis for a while.

Since I have been on this tropical flower kick,  maybe because it is so cold and wintery here at the moment!….I have decided that this will be the theme for this weeks Tuesday Treasury.

Hibiscus print by Peace and Love creation

Buckaroo Bear

The cottage Workroom

Hair flowers by Bloom Bridal Creations

Bouquet by Flowers By the Vase

Purse crochet pattern Kristinas Krochet

Kira Ferrer

Hair crown by Betty Atkins

Print House Company

Arwen Evenstar Photos


A new Art Quilt

So my quietness for the last few days has been because I have been working on what I am going to do for these competitions. I decided to do a small sample piece to try out some of the materials I will be using.

As the main material needed is wool, I thought I would start with wool felt.  I could only get some wool blend locally, but I thought it would work the same for the sample.

I used the same process as before, drawing then painting onto the felt. This time I used two separate pieces as I will be cutting them out.

They were then layered onto some green felt with some cotton Leaves added.

I thought it needed something else, so I used some upcycled printed tribal cotton as a border.

Ready to stitch

The Finished Product

The felt was actually really nice to work with, it holds the stitches well and doesn’t stretch out of shape. It wasn’t as nice to paint however, it tended to fluff a bit unless the paint was really wet.

The finished measurements are 36 x 47 cm (14 x 18.5 in) and it has cotton batting and a cotton back.

I may still fiddle with this a little more, but it has cemented in my mind what I will do for my big project.now I need to get started .


Tuesday Treasury.. A Mother’s Love

Sorry about my absence for a few days. It has been one of those funny patches where busy things all happen at the same time.

My Treasury this week is based on the events of the past couple of days. The first was a funeral. A beautiful woman and loving mother lost her battle with cancer after fighting for many years. I cannot describe the intensity of the love in that room.

The very next day we had to attend a vast family gathering of my husband’s family. It was a joint birthday party for both his parents, and all their children and associated families had arrived from overseas. Again the love.

This Treasury is A Mother’s Love as a tribute to both these Mother’s for the love they give their children. It is not all about Mum’s, but also about the type of love we give our children and they give back.

    Type and image

 Honey Boo

The Meek Boutique

Lilas Studio

C Beattie Art

Art Wark

Storytime Studios

Sweet Bohemian Life


My next Art Quilt exploration

I have just finished the next experiment in my Art Quilt explorations. This time I did it slightly different again. I decided to paint straight onto calico then quilt it to see the results.

I no longer have an easel so I had to make do with a small drawing board and a cutting mat with the fabric taped on with packing tape..not pretty but it works!

I did a simple line drawing on the fabric in pencil…

Then painted it. It was a gorgeous day so I painted outside on the back porch. It was only after I had been painting a while when I realised that there were roofers on the house next door and I was out there painting in my daggiest clothes looking like a dork!..Ah well, I soon forgot about them again….

The finished painting

I then layered it with bamboo batting and a piece of vintage fabric for backing.

Ready to stitch

Then I stitched and stitched and came up with this…

I put a simple black binding on it to be kind of reminiscent of a picture frame.. as it is based on a painting. I love these frangipanis, I think they are my favourite. I love the combination of the hot pink and the gold.

I really enjoyed this one, I think it was painting again, as I haven’t done it in several years. I liked being able to combine both the things I enjoy..May have to continue with this!.

Today I am grateful for the beauty in the environment around me..these frangipani trees being one of them.