Holidays and cushions

I’ve been on holidays..yippeee

We did a bit of thisDSCN1330

A bit of this


A bit of this


Saw some of well as some other lovely creatures..turtles, stingrays…


Climbed lots of these


And looked out at lots of this


Then we came home and I made these




#amonthof Boys on the Beach and Ben in a Bubble

I have joined in a great idea from JustB on Facebook. More details here. The theme is A month of A-Z and as we are at day 2, today’s letter is B.


Here are my Boys on the Beach..I’m going to do an Art Quilt based on this one day.

I’m also going to add Ben in a Bubble because it looks like so much fun and he loved it!




Amy’s Creative Side: 2012 Fall Bloggers Quilt Festival pt 2

I am so excited to have been voted into the final  5 in the Art Quilt Category! Thanks so much to all who voted 🙂 Now comes the final voting. There are some amazing quilts in all the categories, so definitely worth a look.


Sculpture and yarn bombing

What a fabulous day today. We had a bit of a family reunion..various members who haven’t been seen for many years combined with regulars to have a beautiful picnic at a beautiful place. If you are ever visiting the Sunshine Coast this is a definite must go. The Maroochy Bushland Botanical Gardens is a wonderland for kids and adults alike. It initially is a Botanical Garden, with supurb plants and surrounds, but it is so much more than that…and we just scratched the surface.

One of the main attractions is the sculpture garden. An amazing array of sculptures from world recognised sculptors. There is also a Children’s Discovery Walk, an adventure through the bush complete with weird and wonderful artworks for children to hunt out..including loud things to bang!

The small boy loves snakes!

The Circle with boys and without….

This is just a small selection of what is on battery ran out so I couldn’t take any photos of the children’s section! We were also lucky enough to discover some yarn bombing..

Fabulous Food, fabulous Family and fabulous Art. What more could you want in a day?


Kites in Paradise: ideas for Art

Today was a day for inspiration. A TV show was being filmed at our local beach and they wanted a bunch of local kids down there flying kites..who were we to say no!. Especially when it’s a kids show, and one of the shows my kids watch!.

The sky was ablaze with colour, and the air was ablaze with sound!. Fifty or so screaming children, running around with kites on a picture perfect afternoon. I of course took a million photos.

Photos for me are all about capturing the memory of the moment, in order to someday transfer some of it into some form of artwork…it’s not actually about the photo. Having said that, I really wanted to share some that I took today. I can see quilt inspiration everywhere.

My boys. I like the simplicity of this..and the one boy running away..he does that!

Escaping out the side

It’s all about the colours!

Colours again

The joy of it!

This one I love, the way the sun shines through the kite, the lamp post, the moon and the dragon!..the moon wasn’t out though!

This one is all about the pattern caused by the sun, fabulous!

So that was our afternoon in the sun. Now we just have to wait till September to see if the boys made it onto the show!


Word Press Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting Moment

This weeks theme for the Weekly Photo Challenge is Fleeting moment. It is also a challenge that involves street photography.

Now nothing happens in our street…and I mean Nothing!. It is a quiet residential area in a regional town near the beach. The only noise is the noise of the kids ( mostly mine!!) …oh and the lawnmowers..there always seems to be a lawn that needs mowing. I therefore used this for my photo. This is my son Ben doing what he loves to do..mainly freak me out with his  scooter antics.

This has a double meaning to me for “fleeting moment”. The obvious, the fleeting moment of his feet being off the ground as he zips past, and then the fleeting moment of his childhood. It won’t be forever that I need to be freaked out by his scooter antics. Next it will be his car antics that I have to worry about!!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Create

This weeks WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge is “Create”. This photo is what my sewing room floor looks like when I am creating! …And this is the neat part!. I tend to just pull everything remotely connected to the project out onto the floor for the duration of the piece. That way I can find everything lol.

It can also lead to surprising inspiration. …..moving a piece of fabric that accidently lands on another piece of fabric can lead you to discover a combination you might not have thought of. I love the randomness of this, and quite often it can lead to a completely different project.


A Perfect Winters Day for Quilt Inspirations

A perfect winters Day at the beach yesterday..yes, this is where I live. It is surprising what you find whilst walking along.

Layers of sand

A tree ON the sand

A sign of love

A very low tunnel with a surprising shade of blue

And again…

Small boys making art on the sand

Where I live


Being Wordless

I have been a bit wordless lately. This means that I just have nothing to say, so I don’t say anything. Maybe this goes back to childhood, I don’t know. Sometimes, I just feel wordless…I have no words.

I have been obsessed with the sky however. I have taken copious photos of the sky this week. Until it went black and bucketed with rain for three days. Maybe that’s something to do with my wordlessness. I would like to make a quilt of the sky one day…just need to work out how.

As I have no words I thought I would share some of my sky pictures and a piece of prose that was read at our friends funeral recently.

Come Walk Among the Stars

My gift of life is a thing of transient beauty, a thing of mystery and, above all else, a miracle. It is a thing of beauty because of the soul, a mystery because it stretches between the invisible yesterday and the unknown tomorrow, a miracle because it is a composite of countless other lives. And, as my life has been gently touched by other lives, it follows that I have touched theirs too. One cannot always know the time of greatest need. Perhaps this is as it should be. Perhaps it is only for me to light one darkened corner of the path, to place a hand upon your shoulder as a symbol of my kinship and my love. Perhaps I came this way, as did you, to fill some special need – but this is not always given us to know. Sometimes a single word will lift the spirit. Sometimes words are so inadequate and sometimes it is destined that one must only listen. Sometimes a smile will bridge the empty darkness. Sometimes just the nearness is the answer. From many lives I have gathered courage and strength. I have learned humility and gentleness and forgiveness, and for all these blessings I am grateful. And so you must understand that your life is not your own. It has become a part of mine, and so it follows that my life does not belong to me – it is yours.

by Winson Abbott