Textile stitched postcards and cards, mixed media, fabric and card

I made some stitched postcards and cards today. I have been playing a lot with Gelli printing on paper lately so I decided to do some on fabric and see how they stitched. Very easily as it turns out!. I think I’ll be making more stitched textile postcards.

Textile Art stitched postcards by Rebekah Dundon

 Textile Art stitched postcard by Rebekah Dundon back

  Textile Art stitched postcards by Rebekah Dundon

Textile Art stitched postcard by Rebekah Dundon back

  Textile Art stitched card by Rebekah Dundon

 Textile Art stitched card by Rebekah Dundon


Textile Art stitched card by Rebekah Dundon



I just published a post

I just published a post over on my new blog,


It’s all about our fun with a handmade Gelli plate today. Pop on over if you want to see it. I will have to shut this blog down soon, so be sure to pop on over and follow me over there 🙂

Handmade Gelli Plate Printing

I have wanted a Gelli plate since the day I first heard about them. Gelli plate printing just looks like so much fun! I’ve read various blogs about making your own, so today I finally tried it. I used the recipe by The Frugal Crafter as I wanted one that didn’t have to be kept in the fridge.

The ingredients. Of course I bought too much of everything as I am hopeless at estimating amounts!

Handmade Gelli plate












I gained a litle helper pretty quickly, as you tend to get in this house. He helped mix everything together.. “What does it smell like Cam?”… I think you can guess!!. It does have quite a strong alcohol smell.

Handmade Gelli plate











I had heard that it  is better to line the tray with plastic wrap as it makes it easier to get out. I popped it in the fridge for a couple of hours and then got impatient so took it out to start playing!. It did get fairly damaged towards the end so I think I should have left it longer.

Handmade Gelli plate









All finished and ready to play.

Handmade Gelli plate








I started with just some basic colours and shapes, just to get the hang of it.. it all soon got a bit carried away.

Handmade Gelli plate










We soon picked up another helper and it was ON!












I only had acrylic paints, so that’s what we used, over and over again.












We did get some quite pretty patterns in the end.












Handmade Gelli plate






















We did encounter a few problems along the way. I discovered pretty quickly that the edges of the plate stick very badly to the paper unless you pad paints all the way up to and down the sides of the block. I’m not sure if this was just because I pulled it out of the fridge early or if it would do this anyway. We did actually completely destroy the plate by the end of the afternoon. The boys weren’t particularly gentle with it so it was full of holes. The great thing about this recipe is that when this happens you can simply melt it down and re set it. It is currently sitting back in the fridge. This time it will be over night, so we’ll see if that makes a difference to it’s durability. To melt it down, I just broke it up into a saucepan and put on the cooktop on low. It only took about 5 mins. You can also do it for a minute or so in the microwave.

I’m going to try with some fabric paints onto fabric.. new fabrics for my journals I’m thinking 🙂





Sunflower Textile journal

I made a slightly different journal this week. A bit more fun and a bit more bright!. I added a free motion sunflower that I made a year or so ago .. once I made it I didn’t know what to do with it so it has just sat there shining at me …..I also did some hand stitching and added some buttons to the journal to spark it up even more.

I left a few of raw edges on this one so that the gentle fraying becomes part of the design.

Sunflower textile art journal


Sunflower textile art journal





Sunflower textile art journal


Sunflower textile art journal


Sunflower made by free motion stitching onto water solvable fabric. Once the stitching is complete, simply soak in water and the base fabric magically disappears leaving a lace like flower. I used three different yellows and orange to make up the flower.. and LOTS of stitching.

Sunflower textile art journal

This journal also has a ribbon bookmark with a fabric tassel.

It is available for sale here as a kit if you are interested. My Art Journal Kits include the journal and a packet of coordinating fabric scraps, ribbon and papers, to start you on your journaling journey.

A vintage hexie quilt

I have been busily stitching this last few weeks. My first new creation was a hexie quilt made with vintage fabrics for a special order.. I quite love it and would like one for me.. not sure if I want to do all that stitching again however!.Vintage Hexagon Flowers Quilt


Vintage Hexagon Flowers Quilt

I have also been busy making a bunch of new small framed pieces. I have a shop to stock and a small show at the Gallery and not enough pieces!

Here are a few of the new ones.

Framed textile "silhouette"





I also have a couple of exciting things coming up….. (all shh secret squirrel at the moment)    🙂

Art Quilt: The power Of Red

This Art Quilt didn’t flow quite as easily as most of the others. It put up a bit of a fight!. I had a specific idea in mind as it is for a specific event, and it just didn’t want to conform to the image in my head!. I has come out just as it has meant to be instead.

It started out in the normal way, with layers of fabric, the one difference being that most of these were differing shades of red, with just a few touches of yellow.

The Power Of Red Early

I finished stitching it and it just didn’t sing to me so I decided on a border, after many suggestions thanks to my facebook friends, I decided to go with my initial gut feeling and stick with black. I also hated the way I had done the sun, it had turned out egg shaped and couldn’t be reversed. The solution was to (rather nervously) chop the top off it. Some of you may think “Nooo!!, why did she do that!”, but it is done now and I kinda like it. It puts more focus on the sea.

Here it is finally finished. ( I think I might fix the binding in the top right corner.. not straight now that I look at the pictures, and it’s bugging me!)

Textile Art Quilt: The Power of Red

The Power of Red 35.5 x 31 cm (14 x 12 in) 2013

Textile Art Quilt: The Power of Red

Textile Art Quilt: The Power of Red

Art Quilt: “Early in the Morning”

I haven’t had much of a chance to make art quilts recently..I’ve been trying to put more bags and journals into my madeit store. I decided that I just had to do one today.

It is named “Early Riser”

It started out like this.. layers of pinned fabrics..

prep sunset


“Early Riser” Textile Art Quilt 29.5 x 22 cm (11.5 x 8.5in)

I will probably have it framed so it will be cropped down to about this

Early Riser

Early Riser 2


Art Quilt: “Walking to Coolum”

Yes, I know another beach scene..maybe it’s just my thing lol. I do have a fascination with beaches . Here is a small piece called “Walking to Coolum”. Coolum is the next little town down from where I live and you can walk to Coolum along the beach. Our little patch of beach is just a small section of one enormous beach that runs the length of the Sunshine Coast, so you can pretty much walk to most of the towns along the beach!.

Walking to Coolum



Art Journal: Upcycled Showcase

I am taking part in a showcase on Facebook that has the theme “Upcycled”. I do love a bit of upcycling so was very excited to join in. My first piece was made from these: A gorgeous tablecloth, a broken bracelet and fabric swatches from a furnishing fabrics sample book (you know how I love those!)


Of course I turned it all into an Art Journal. I pieced the fabrics then free motion quilted over the top using a variety of threads including a lovely variegated sulky. I then added buttons from the bracelet. This is the result.













I love the bright colours in this journal, even though they are colours that I haven’t ever really used, or been attracted to before.

My second item for the showcase is a bag made from a couple of shirts, a dress a vintage tablecloth and a pair of jeans.


I haven’t made a bag for a while so it was fun to do one again. I have since made a couple more!. It is lined with cotton batting and has been free motion quilted and appliqued onto the batting to give it some form.









Both of these items are available at the Upcycled Showcase from Wednesday 5th of June.

Art Journal Cover : Umbrella Prints competition

A while ago I posted that I was entering the  Umbrella Prints Trimmings competition, well, here it is, my finished A5 Journal cover.



It was made with this scrap pack,


I arranged and stitched the scraps then free motion quilted and hand stitched over the top. It is quilted onto cotton batting and has a cotton lining. I added the buttons at the last minute as an extra bit of fun. I love the large orange vintage one, I have had it in my stash for a while, waiting for the perfect item!


umbrella-prints journal


Inside detail, I added some plain orange cotton for the flaps to hold the book in.