The progress of an Art Quilt : “Dusk”

I finished another Art Quilt today, this one is called “dusk” and is 40 x 40 cm. It hasn’t come out quite as i wanted it to but sometimes that’s still OK. It started out as normal, a few layers of colour roughly blocking out the design. This picture also shows the photograph it is based on. I thought I’d show the progress of an art quilt based on this one.

Art Quilt by Bekahdu "Dusk" prep

I then added some of the more obvious details

Art Quilt by Bekahdu "Dusk" prep

Now some basic stitching to hold it all together so that I can remove the pins. I’m liking where it is going at this stage.

Art Quilt by Bekahdu "Dusk" prep

The first ugly stage!. I find that any artwork regardless of the medium goes through at least three “Ugly” stages.. you just have to work through it and not give up.. any piece can be salvaged from an ugly phase!

Art Quilt by Bekahdu "Dusk" prep

A load more stitching, and then some more stitching and we get to here. I have finished. I am still not entirely happy with the clouds on this one but sometimes you have to stop and call it finished. I have bound it is a lovely soft slightly mottled cotton that picks up the blue in the waves. I used over 20 colours of thread in this quilt.

Art Quilt by Bekahdu "Dusk" details

Art Quilt by Bekahdu "Dusk" details

Art Quilt by Bekahdu "Dusk"



New framed textile art quilts for sale

Framed textile art quilt by Rebekah Dundon Framed textile art quilt by Rebekah DundonThese two new small framed textile art pieces were made as one large piece then cut into two for framing. I have been finding that the thing that takes the most amount of time when making these small pieces is changing the thread over on my sewing machine. There can be 20 or more colours in each piece so having to change the thread over and over certainly adds up!. I have begun making these pieces as one large piece so that the number of changes is effectively halved.. or less, if I cut it into three pieces. I cut them when I reach a certain point, when they are not quite finished so that I can then add small details to each one to make them slightly different. These two are fairly similar to each other, but I liked the way they hung as a pair.


They will be available for sale at Finders keepers in Peregian Beach, Queensland Australia from next week. I can also make these to order.

“Cam’s Castle” .. a new Art Quilt

“Cam’s Castle” started life like this.. layers of fabric pinned to cotton batting


Textile Art Quilt "Cam's Castle By Rebekah Dundon work in progress

It turned into this after a few hours of stitching

Textile Art Quilt "Cam's Castle By Rebekah Dundon“Cam’s Castle” 2014 45 x 32 cm

Textile Art Quilt "Cam's Castle By Rebekah Dundon

Cam is my son, he is 7 years old and one of his absolute favourite things to do is build in the sand. He has built some really quite elaborate castles and some really very plain ones. The main thing is, that every castle he has built has been special, and important, and if we have a camera handy, we must take a photo of it as it won’t survive the sea. I think he actually quite likes the transience of sandcastles, he knows that they are only around for such a short period of time but that is what makes each one so special. This is a tribute to just one castle.. out of the many.

Art Quilt: The power Of Red

This Art Quilt didn’t flow quite as easily as most of the others. It put up a bit of a fight!. I had a specific idea in mind as it is for a specific event, and it just didn’t want to conform to the image in my head!. I has come out just as it has meant to be instead.

It started out in the normal way, with layers of fabric, the one difference being that most of these were differing shades of red, with just a few touches of yellow.

The Power Of Red Early

I finished stitching it and it just didn’t sing to me so I decided on a border, after many suggestions thanks to my facebook friends, I decided to go with my initial gut feeling and stick with black. I also hated the way I had done the sun, it had turned out egg shaped and couldn’t be reversed. The solution was to (rather nervously) chop the top off it. Some of you may think “Nooo!!, why did she do that!”, but it is done now and I kinda like it. It puts more focus on the sea.

Here it is finally finished. ( I think I might fix the binding in the top right corner.. not straight now that I look at the pictures, and it’s bugging me!)

Textile Art Quilt: The Power of Red

The Power of Red 35.5 x 31 cm (14 x 12 in) 2013

Textile Art Quilt: The Power of Red

Textile Art Quilt: The Power of Red

Art Quilt: “Early in the Morning”

I haven’t had much of a chance to make art quilts recently..I’ve been trying to put more bags and journals into my madeit store. I decided that I just had to do one today.

It is named “Early Riser”

It started out like this.. layers of pinned fabrics..

prep sunset


“Early Riser” Textile Art Quilt 29.5 x 22 cm (11.5 x 8.5in)

I will probably have it framed so it will be cropped down to about this

Early Riser

Early Riser 2



“Looking Out” Textile Art Quilt

What a week!. I have finally,finally finished “Looking Out”. This is the quilt that just didn’t want to be made. My machine refused to stitch it..skipped stitches, broken thread, snapped needles! I had another piece on the go at the same time and it worked perfectly on that one!. I also cut into the top,..not badly but still it had to be fixed. Then at the end I melted some of the tulle with the iron!!…it is now an inch narrower than when it started. It all came together in the end though and if I hadn’t told you you’d never know. I’m just glad it’s all over.




It is made from a range of new and upcycled fabric scraps, including, wool felt, tulle, cotton, upholstery fabrics and more. It is free motion quilted onto cotton batting with a cotton back. “Looking Out measures 48.5 x 64 cm (19 x 25.25in) and is based on a photo I took at Peregian Beach, QLD>