Sunset Flight Textile Art by Rebekah Dundon Seascape Noosa Australia

Exhibition time

I have been very busy for the past few months organising my first proper exhibition. I am exhibiting with a group of textile artists at Aspire Gallery in Brisbane, from the 2nd – 19th September. This is a very exciting time for me as I have never been involved in a “Proper” exhibition before. I have had pieces chosen for competition exhibitions, but this is very different. There has been a lot of organisation ( thankfully mostly done by the fabulous Bernardine Hine).

I have completed a few new pieces for this show that are currently being  fabulously framed.

Evening Flight Textile art by Rebekah Dundon australian art
Evening Flight 2015

Evening Flight is based on a photo by my lovely sister-in-law, who has a talent for being in the right place at the right time with her photos, although I did add in a second bird as I felt he needed a friend on his joyous adventure.

Solitude Textile art by Rebekah Dundon, Australian art, seagull
Solitude 2015


Solitude is another of my sister-in-laws photos. I feel that this little guy has a sense of melancholy about him. He really does look sad to me. A bit of a contrast to the brighness of “Evening Flight”. I intentionally created these two with different colours to my normal bright blue and sand beaches so that there would be some variety!.

I am really excited about this show, hopefully it will lead on to many more 🙂

If you are in Brisbane pop in to the Aspire Gallery in Paddington between September 2 and 19 to have a look.

Blogger’s Quilt Festival

It’s that time again!. Amy’s Creative Side Blogger’s Quilt Festival is on in all it’s glory!. If you haven’t visited before, it is well worth a look, the categories are crammed full of gorgeous quilts of all descriptions. I have decided to enter “The Entry” into the Art Quilt category.

Unique stitched fabric art "The Entry", Australian Art

This sea is just so inviting, don’t you just want to dive on in? This scene captures a typical summer’s day in sunny Queensland, Australia. This piece creates dreams and memories of beach holidays passed. Remember playing in the sea and sand for hours as a child?, this is that beach. This is quite an iconic image from Australian beaches I think, the stairs that have been eaten by the sand so that they no longer exist. Until the next storm, when all the stairs will be exposed and there will probably be a large leap from the bottom step to reach the new sand level. Then, over time the stairs will gradually get eaten again.

The people are so small against the sea and glare of the sun that they are mere shadows and shapes. They have no form but have become part of the landscape they inhabit.
This piece is made from multiple scraps of various fabrics layered onto a base of calico and free motion quilted onto cotton batting. The fabrics vary in type and texture, adding to the texture of the piece. It contains new and upcycled fabrics including  tulle, canvas, quilters cotton, upholstery fabrics and many more.
It measures 40 x 40 cm (15.5 x 15.5 in).

Unique stitched fabric art "The Entry", Australian Art

Thanks for looking, and enjoy the festival!

Reminiscence Textile Art by Rebekah Dundon Seascape Noosa Australia

“Reminiscence” Quilt Art, beach art from Australia, Textile Art


Quilt Art Textile art Created in Australia by Rebekah Dundon "Reminiscence"


My latest finish is “Reminiscence”. This Quilt Art is based on a section of a photo I took recently down at the Yaroomba rock pools on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. I wasn’t taking a photo of this woman, she was just there in the corner and after a fabulous day exploring the rock pools and discovering sea creatures, we went home and I looked at my photos and discovered her, just sitting there.

She is holding a body board and staring out to sea, probably watching her Grandchildren play. She makes me wonder what she is thinking, is she dreaming of the days when she could go out on a board and fly through the waves?. Is she pondering actually going ahead and doing it regardless?… or has she already been out there on that very board?

I don’t know the answer, but I thought she deserved to be in an Art Quilt. She exudes a sort of peacefulness to me regardless of whether she is regretting her inability to go bodyboarding or not. I think she is happy whatever the situation. She is enjoying the glorious warm sun and the beautiful environment with the children playing around her.

Quilt Art Textile art Created in Australia by Rebekah Dundon "Reminiscence"


“Reminiscence” is 44 x 35 cm  and will be framed in a white frame I think. I like white frames….

New Textile Art Quilt finished: “Leo Looking Out”

Textile Art Quilt, Leo Looking Out, by Rebekah Dundon, Bekahdu I finished a new  textile art quilt this week, called “Leo Looking Out”. It is based on a photo of my nephew staring out to the horizon on the beach. What goes through a two year olds mind? Is he blown away by the beauty of the sunset or simply waiting for the next wave to throw sand at?


First the fabrics were layered to create the background,





Textile Art Quilt, Leo Looking Out, by Rebekah Dundon, BekahduThen I began stitching…








Textile Art Quilt, Leo Looking Out, by Rebekah Dundon, Bekahdu











Textile Art Quilt, Leo Looking Out, by Rebekah Dundon, Bekahdu









All Finished.. here is Leo, looking out….

Textile Art Quilt, Leo Looking Out, by Rebekah Dundon, Bekahdu











Textile Art Quilt, Leo Looking Out, by Rebekah Dundon, Bekahdu Designer in the spotlight : Bekahdu

I was lucky enough to be interviewed for the Designer in The Spotlight spot this week. Go here to see the interview if you want to have a read. I always find it is always such a tricky thing answering questions like that about my self and my work, and even trickier putting photos out there!.

Stitched Postcard Swap 2014 Create a Better world

I decided a month or so ago to join in the Great Big Postcard Swap . It is kind of what has got me started into making all these cards!. I made three postcards and have just decided which one to send to my stitched postcard swap partner in the US.

It is made from a piece of cotton that I printed in a spiral design on my home made Gelli plate. I then free motion stitched parts with a gorgeous metallic bronze thread to highlight the spirals even more. I added the red upholstery fabric strips as an afterthought to brighten it a little. These are just zig zagged over the top of the background. I stitched a lovely quote from the Dalai lama around one of the spirals. It is a quote I have always loved but sometimes find hard to practice!. “Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible”.

I believe this is how we can Create a better world, from us as individuals right up to the top Governments. Show a bit of kindness.

The back is a piece of white card with hand stamped writing with the words “Live Laugh Create”, drawn lines and a piece of hand printed tape down the centre for a bit of colour. I glued the fabric part to the card then stitched around the edges to hold it all together.

This was loads of fun to make so I think postcards are going to be a big part of my future!





Textile stitched postcards and cards, mixed media, fabric and card

I made some stitched postcards and cards today. I have been playing a lot with Gelli printing on paper lately so I decided to do some on fabric and see how they stitched. Very easily as it turns out!. I think I’ll be making more stitched textile postcards.

Textile Art stitched postcards by Rebekah Dundon

 Textile Art stitched postcard by Rebekah Dundon back

  Textile Art stitched postcards by Rebekah Dundon

Textile Art stitched postcard by Rebekah Dundon back

  Textile Art stitched card by Rebekah Dundon

 Textile Art stitched card by Rebekah Dundon


Textile Art stitched card by Rebekah Dundon



Art Quilt: The power Of Red

This Art Quilt didn’t flow quite as easily as most of the others. It put up a bit of a fight!. I had a specific idea in mind as it is for a specific event, and it just didn’t want to conform to the image in my head!. I has come out just as it has meant to be instead.

It started out in the normal way, with layers of fabric, the one difference being that most of these were differing shades of red, with just a few touches of yellow.

The Power Of Red Early

I finished stitching it and it just didn’t sing to me so I decided on a border, after many suggestions thanks to my facebook friends, I decided to go with my initial gut feeling and stick with black. I also hated the way I had done the sun, it had turned out egg shaped and couldn’t be reversed. The solution was to (rather nervously) chop the top off it. Some of you may think “Nooo!!, why did she do that!”, but it is done now and I kinda like it. It puts more focus on the sea.

Here it is finally finished. ( I think I might fix the binding in the top right corner.. not straight now that I look at the pictures, and it’s bugging me!)

Textile Art Quilt: The Power of Red

The Power of Red 35.5 x 31 cm (14 x 12 in) 2013

Textile Art Quilt: The Power of Red

Textile Art Quilt: The Power of Red