Textile stitched postcards and cards, mixed media, fabric and card

I made some stitched postcards and cards today. I have been playing a lot with Gelli printing on paper lately so I decided to do some on fabric and see how they stitched. Very easily as it turns out!. I think I’ll be making more stitched textile postcards.

Textile Art stitched postcards by Rebekah Dundon

 Textile Art stitched postcard by Rebekah Dundon back

  Textile Art stitched postcards by Rebekah Dundon

Textile Art stitched postcard by Rebekah Dundon back

  Textile Art stitched card by Rebekah Dundon

 Textile Art stitched card by Rebekah Dundon


Textile Art stitched card by Rebekah Dundon



Important news Bekahdu is Moving!

I have just finished setting up my brand new wordpress.org website and blog yippee. I will be posting my blog on there from now on. I’m a bit sad however as  I lost all my likes and followers during the move..

luckily your lovely comments have all stayed with me  🙂

I know you are still out there, so if you would like to continue seeing what I’m about then I would be ever so grateful if you could pop over to www.bekahdu.com.au/blog and follow me over there.

See you there. 🙂

New Driftwood Art Quilt:. Seagull Dreaming

Ok, I confess..I think I am getting a slight seagull fetish!. There is just something about the simplicity of the white, black and orange that I love. I also can’t seem to stay away from sea images.. maybe it’s just what I am meant to do.  I have wanted to do kore driftwood framed pieces for a while but have been caught up doing other things. Today was the day to finally do it.


I love the shadows created by the beautiful driftwood at the top, it adds to the piece I think. It really is an amazing piece of driftwood, so smooth and shiny with incredible patterning.



My little seagull friend, dreaming of the fish out there, yet to be caught. …. Or maybe watching someone with hot chips and hoping for a snack!.

This piece is made from layers of different fabrics, free motion thread painted. It is quilted onto cotton batting with a cotton back. The textile part  measures  16 x 22.5 cm (6.5 x 9 in)

Art Journal: Upcycled Showcase

I am taking part in a showcase on Facebook that has the theme “Upcycled”. I do love a bit of upcycling so was very excited to join in. My first piece was made from these: A gorgeous tablecloth, a broken bracelet and fabric swatches from a furnishing fabrics sample book (you know how I love those!)


Of course I turned it all into an Art Journal. I pieced the fabrics then free motion quilted over the top using a variety of threads including a lovely variegated sulky. I then added buttons from the bracelet. This is the result.













I love the bright colours in this journal, even though they are colours that I haven’t ever really used, or been attracted to before.

My second item for the showcase is a bag made from a couple of shirts, a dress a vintage tablecloth and a pair of jeans.


I haven’t made a bag for a while so it was fun to do one again. I have since made a couple more!. It is lined with cotton batting and has been free motion quilted and appliqued onto the batting to give it some form.









Both of these items are available at the Upcycled Showcase from Wednesday 5th of June.

Bloggers Quilt Festival : Art Quilt

My second entry for the Amy’s Creative Side Bloggers Quilt Festival is in the Art Quilt category. I have chosen “Fishing at the River Mouth” after much deliberation!. I have done a few similar ones recently so had trouble choosing which one to enter.

This Art quilt is based on a series of photos I took whilst visiting friends recently. They live literally on the Noosa river so this is the view from their front deck.

 The mouth of the Noosa River, where it meets the sea is a jumble of pristine sand bars, a haven for various water birds as well as a great spot to pull up your kayak.

Fishing at the River Mouth

Fishing at the River Mouth

This is a combination of three different photos. The pelicans were actually on a different sandbank behind the fisherman and the sea wasn’t obvious in the fisherman’s photo!. It was there though, and did need to be put into this piece, so a little cheat and it’s there.



This textile art piece is made from multiple scraps of various fabrics layered onto a base of calico and free motion quilted onto cotton batting. It has a blue cotton back. The fabrics vary in type and texture, adding to the texture of the piece. It contains new and upcycled fabrics including , tulle, canvas, quilters cotton, upholstery fabrics and many more. It is bound in a pale blue cotton and the binding is hand stitched at the back
It measures 58 x 49 cm ( 23 x 19.25 in).

Looking Out the Window

Bloggers Quilt Festival Spring 2013: Wallhanging

The Bloggers Quilt Festival is on again!. You know what that means?.. pages of gorgeous quilts to drool over. This year we can enter not one but two quilts!. I have decided to enter the Wall hanging and Art Quilt categories.

Here is my Wallhanging.. “Looking Out the Window”

Looking Out the Window
Looking Out the Window

This quilt was made for the National Wool Museum: Expressions 2012 competition, in which it reached the finals. The brief for this competition was to make a quilt out of a majority of wool fabrics.

I decided to go with something bright and graphic, to get away from the traditional uses and colouring of wool.

I made a  randomly pieced patchwork of soft 100% wool fabrics, ..you know how I like random!. It is free motion quilted with variegated thread in concentric circles to contrast against the linear construction of the patchwork. The white circle is an applique of wool felt. The backing is an upcycled vintage wool blanket and is bound with a gorgeous aqua brushed cotton. I couldn’t get wool batting within the time frame so it is quilted onto bamboo batting.

It measures 102 x 82.5 cm ( 40 x 32.5 IN)

Quilt 2

As part of the exhibition we also had to make a mini quilt with the fabrics and techniques to go onto a touch table. This was so that people could feel the textures of the quilts. A fabulous idea! I wish I had been able to go to the exhibition to see and touch for myself..unfortunately it was over 2000kms away so just wasn’t going to happen!

Here is my touch table quilt.


Art Quilt: “Landscape in Blues”

I stitched this Art Quilt ages ago, I didn’t like it so shoved it on a shelf and promptly forgot about it..my memory is hazy at the best of times! Yesterday I was pulling out some old stock that had just been sold and look what I found. I decided to finish it off, it just needed trimming and binding.

landscape in blues“Landscape in Blues” 31 x 45 cm (12 x17.74 in)

This is called “Landscape in Blues” for a few reasons. Firstly and most obviously it is in landscape formation and uses a lot of blues!. Secondly it seems to be musical to me, I don’t know why but it suggests sheet music, but maybe in a Bluesy style, it seems a little sad to me, (I know, maybe it’s just in my head!)… as well as the fact that is a stylized landscape.

The background is made from a variety of upcycled denim.. i.e old jeans. The Landscape is made from a range of fabrics randomly pieced and free motion stitched. I made this when I was first learning free motion, so I just piled a bunch of bits of fabric together and experimented. It was originally one piece that was then cut and reordered.

I used a beautiful variegated thread to zig zag around each section, it gives a little pop of colour here and there. It is hard to see in the photos but the brown thread is actually a lovely metallic bronze and the light blue is “sulky” so has a gorgeous sheen to it. I was experimenting with different threads at the time.

Landscape in Blues



I don’t hate it anymore, it’s funny how the passage of time can change your mind about such things…

Onwards and Upwards

You may remember this piece of randomness that I created not long ago. This was created by randomly stitching together a range of fabrics from my scrap box. The red strips are folded red satin.


I decided to unrandomise it somewhat. I cut it all into 8in squares and stitched them back together (randomly). The interesting part of this was that even though it was a very uneven shaped piece of fabric, I managed to cut exactly 16 8″ squares…there were only a couple of tiny slivers left over!.


Here it is all stitched back together and ready to quilt.


Here it is finished. “Onwards and Upwards (Many Paths)” 69 x 67 cm (27 x 26.5 “)



The red satin pieces are set into the seams so that they are actually raised from the surface..creates and interesting texture, as well as making a feature of the “Paths”

I added a flag

Well, in a burst of motivation and after a chat with my  Mum, I have done a little more to my city scene.


I added a flag to the flagpole


Gave the people some clothes and filled in the park a little

City-scene-24It’s hard to see in the photo,.. not terribly clear at all in fact!…… but in real life they just add some points of colour…

I like my flag 🙂