My new Finished Journal

Well, it’s finished!. This is the journal made from all the bits of fabric that I have been playing with, as well as some of my aged shibori. This one has been hand and free motion machine quilted onto cotton batting with a vintage fabric lining. The flaps to hold the book in are navy cotton as is the binding. I also added some strips of 100% wool variegated slub yarn.





I decided that It needed the cord and button tie to suit the aged look of the fabric. Unfortunately the buttons aren’t real bone, but we can’t have everything!

Holidays and cushions

I’ve been on holidays..yippeee

We did a bit of thisDSCN1330

A bit of this


A bit of this


Saw some of well as some other lovely creatures..turtles, stingrays…


Climbed lots of these


And looked out at lots of this


Then we came home and I made these



A journal addiction..

I am starting to really enjoy making these journals so here are a few more newly finished. I love that it combines my love of textiles and my stationary fetish!..yes, I am addicted to stationary, sad I know! These are now listed in my Madeit and Etsy stores.

flowers-1A5 Journal cover with vintage fabric flowers appliqued and free motion quilted onto a new denim base. There is also a segment of hand embroidered vintage doily and button features. I have also done some extra hand embroidery to add highlights.



A5 Journal cover. Embroidered owl with vintage fabric flower appliques, and button features. Free motion Quilted onto a new denim base with cotton lining.paisleya4-1

A4 Journal cover made from a patchwork of upcycled denim jeans. This one also has an upcycled crochet belt “pocket” at the top to hold pencils etc.


A new dress for an old doll

This lovely little china doll was one of my special friends when I was a child. I saved her to pass down to my own daughter, but that isn’t going to happen (mum of 3 boys and NO more babies!). I have decided to pass her on to my gorgeous little niece who is about to have a birthday.

Thirty five years or so of playing and storage have wreaked havoc with her dress however so I decided to make her a new one..and a new bonnet. In the true spirit of vintage , I made it from a pretty vintage embroidered cotton hand towel. I had to hand stitch a fair bit of it so unfortunately it is not removable ..that just got a bit too fiddly to do.



I even made a little nappy to go under. Her body and socks are still age stained but I think that adds to the character.


I hope my niece will love her as much as I did.I have to say it is a little sad now to say goodbye to her, she looks so pretty in her new dress.


Sunrise and Sunset

I finished this piece this morning..finally. It has been sitting in bits for a little while. It was actually two parts but I have decided to join them together to form one. It reminds me of sunsets and sunrises and picnics on a sunny day.





Again it is made using upcycled fabrics and includes a gorgeous embroidered vintage doily and a trim of vintage crochet. Finished size is 66 x 39 cm (26 x 15.5 in)


Upcycled Textile Art Number Two

This is the second piece made from an upcycled upholstery sample book. I have been wanting to try quilting in concentric circles so I thought this one would be a good one to experiment on. I think they turned out pretty well, a couple of wobbly ones but luckily they get hidden in the mix!

I really love the colours in this one, it’s just so summery!. I added a large vintage doily and some buttons to add an extra bit of interest. It is quilted onto bamboo batting and has a calico back. Finished measurements are 41 x 52 cm (16 x 20.5 in).

Number three is underway!

Oranges and Lemons

Oranges and Lemons: Fun with spraying and stamping

A few days ago, my two youngest sons were both out having fun with friends, leaving me and my big boy at home alone. We decided to have some fun with spraying and stamping!. I collected a bunch of white and off white fabrics from my stash and we decorated them using acrylic paint and water.

We trialled a wide variety of techniques..all from bits and bobs we found around the home. Some were more successful than others but we had a lot of fun, although we now have large orange rectangles sprayed on the lawn!!

Here are some of the pieces we made:

The point of all this was to make some unique pieces of fabric that could be incorporated into a quilt. I cut these up ( much to my sons disgust! could I do that to his masterpieces!)  mixed in some commercial and vintage fabric and randomly stitched them all together.

This piece was then hand and machine stitched, embroidered and couched. I added a bright green border and it was dome.

You’d never know that a bunch of those fabrics were painted by a 10 year old!


Introducing my new website!

My big news for the day is the opening of my brand new website!.. I have collaborated with a couple of friends to offer a range of hand crafted goodies. We are offering loads of great items and tonight only have some special items up for grabs for only their postage price. This is for regular post withing AUSTRALIA. If you are outside Australia and want to purchase, let me know and I can get a postage quote. Click the image above to have a peek…..


Weekly Photo Challenge: Create

This weeks WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge is “Create”. This photo is what my sewing room floor looks like when I am creating! …And this is the neat part!. I tend to just pull everything remotely connected to the project out onto the floor for the duration of the piece. That way I can find everything lol.

It can also lead to surprising inspiration. …..moving a piece of fabric that accidently lands on another piece of fabric can lead you to discover a combination you might not have thought of. I love the randomness of this, and quite often it can lead to a completely different project.


Quilted jackets

Last night while I was snuggled up under my quilt watching telly, I thought how nice it would be to have a quilt to wear. The weather has suddenly turned cold here, winter is definitely upon us, so my thoughts turned to quilted jackets. Now these can go either way I think. I had images of gorgeous colours and patterns all wrapped up in a warm garment… hard could it be?.

This morning I raced home after all the school requirements and started pulling out fabrics in a state of excitement. This was the first time I told myself to SLOW DOWN. I have never done this before…maybe I should start with a child’s one. I then had to SLOW DOWN again….instead of using my beautiful expensive fabric maybe I should use something that doesn’t matter quite so much…. OK a child’s jacket in upcycled vintage fabric, that I can do. ….

I don’t have any batting at the moment and have to wait till at least next week till I can get some so I decided that it would be quilted onto fleece. It would be snugglier that way anyway. Luckily I had a piece of soft pink fleece that would do the job. I had a rummage through my pattern box and found this vintage pattern yay.

I had to adjust it slightly but it had the basic size and shape so that was all that I needed.

I placed the pattern pieces onto my layered fabric and fleece and cut roughly around them, leaving a fair bit of space around to allow for the shrinkage caused by quilting. It quilted each piece in a free motion flower pattern to match the flowers on the fabric.

Once each piece was quilted I placed the pattern piece back on top and cut it out. This ended up taking some time, even though I only had 5 pieces to do.

This is a finished sleeve piece showing the quilting.

I then sewed the jacket together following the pattern ( although I didn’t really follow the pattern I just made it up!).

Now that I was here, I stagnated a bit. I wanted to bind the edges but as I could only use what I had in my stash, it was a bit of a search to find something to make bias binding from, as I never have any just lying around. I needed a largish bit of fabric so that I could cut it on the bias. Finally I found just the piece, made the binding and stitched it on. I hand stitched it on the inside.

The jacket looked a bit plain so I added some buttons to jazz it up and a large press stud to fasten it at the neck.

Finished….finally!. It did pretty much take me all day.

This was fun to make ..if a bit time consuming. Next time I will be happier cutting into my “good” fabric and maybe making a patchwork of colours, like the one in my head. I would also find just the perfect pattern as this one is an “80’s cropped jacket. I feel a bit more confident making one for me now anyway, so it was a great experiment. Now to figure out what to do with it!